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A new or renovated landscape can dramatically improve your enjoyment of your home. Correctly planned and implemented, it will also increase property value. A landscape design is created with the understanding that your property is an extension of your home. The finished landscape should be a place that you can visit regularly, whether you wish to entertain a crowd, or just sit back and enjoy a private garden by yourself. Allow our designer to work with you and prepare a great plan for your property.

Design Process

We use a CAD program that produces a visually excellent and very accurate product. The design process is a relatively simple procedure. It involves a site inventory, measurements and most importantly homeowner inputs. The goal is to create a landscape, not based on what we want, but on what you envision for your property. We are simply advisors on design and material and how they go together.

Landscape Design Plan

The landscape design process is as follows:

  • A meeting with you to determine your intentions or visions for the project. Here we can create a list of plants or colors that you like, and conversely, those which you do not. We will assist you in establishing a budget that is both realistic and comfortable for you to work with.
  • We will then take inventory of your property, looking at conditions such as soil composition, exposure, existing plants etc. Property measurements and elevations will be taken at this time.
  • Our designer next prepares a concept plan. This is a preliminary plan that will exercise the thought process of space and balance to determine where plant beds, walkways, focal points etc. should be placed. Several drafts may be required to come up with a suitable plan for your review.
  • After your review a final plan is developed. Here specific plants are placed in the design using color schemes, balance and location. A final plan is then drafted and presented.
  • Please note that a final plan is just that—a plan. Site nuances will almost always require some deviation from the plan to provide a top quality product.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you create your dream landscape, whether it’s your entire yard, or a simple, private garden. We want your landscape to be a part of your home, a place for you to enjoy with friends and family for many years to come. Please contact us with any questions, or to set an appointment.


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